Canvas Community (Jive) Blog

So, I created a blog post over at the OU Canvas Community (used same banner as here; that was fun!) … and I think this is a link that will work for people who are logged in to the Community, although I’m honestly not sure about how that works. I don’t think I can make the Canvas blog public, and crossposting is going to be kind of a pain but I’ll treat this blog as the “official” version (which I’ll update for the inevitable typos, etc.), and I’ll just crosspost over at the Canvas Community. Here’s the link to my first post over there:

Teaching with Canvas

The banner image I’m using: pretty!


Hello world!

Yes, this is the proverbial “Hello world” post… I am trying to accomplish two¬†things at once here:

  1. Have an active WordPress space I am using so that I can provide better tech support for my students who choose to use WordPress blogs in my class.
  2. Create a public space to mirror a Canvas Community blog that I am going to start using.

So, now I have something set up here super-quick (I created a subdomain, installed WordPress, and chose the Wilson theme for now)… next step: go see what’s possible over in the Canvas Community blog space (it’s run by Jive, and I honestly have no idea how it works).

Back later!