Blog Index / December 11, 2016

Here is the round-up of the posts at this blog so far, which marks the start of Laura’s Widget Warehouse and also the end of my battle with the Canvas Gradebook (the Gradebook won, sad to say).

New posts are in bold:

Widgets and Other Dynamic Content

Grading with Canvas

Openness, Sharing, and Connectedness

Canvas Class Announcements

Some Practical Canvas Advice

Posts about Students

  • Student Tech Support for Canvas. Based on student feedback, these are the Canvas features I am supporting and promoting: Calendar, Notifications, Profile, and Mobile App.
  • Student Voices about Canvas. These are the results of my Fall 2016 mid-semester student survey, with lots of advice from students for instructors using Canvas.
  • Time Management Brainstorms. I got some big ideas from an ILED studio session on helping students with time management.

Posts about Instructors

Philosophy of Teaching

And here’s one of the Growth Mindset Cats from this week:

Obstacles teach you to leap higher.