Blog Index / February 6, 2017

Welcome to the fifth Blog Index post of 2017! My focus this past week was adding new ready-to-use Twitter4Canvas widgets, which was so much fun. This coming week, I’ll be brainstorming some ways to share some of these materials in a way that will make sense for CanvasLIVE! 🙂

This week’s posts are in bold up towards the top of the index; I don’t have as many new posts here because I have been focusing on those ready-to-use Twitter widgets, which you can see here: Ready-To-Use Twitter4Canvas.


Twitter4Canvas Mini-Course

Canvas Class Announcements

Blogs and Blogging

Thoughts about Canvas and about LMSes

Spring 2017 Reports

Widgets and Other Dynamic Content

Openness, Sharing, and Connectedness

Posts about Students

Posts about Instructors

Teaching Writing

Some Practical Canvas Advice

Grading with Canvas

And here is one of the growth mindset cats from this week:

What can I learn next?