Twitter in Canvas and the Occasional Hashtag

Since today is #MuseumSelfie Day, there are all kinds of fun photos showing up in Twitter, just the kind of thing that I like to share with my classes via the class Twitter feed at @OnlineMythIndia. The most likely place that students see that is when they log on to Canvas and see the announcements blog as the homepage, with Twitter in the sidebar! Here’s a screenshot:

Of course, they might also see the Twitter in the sidebar of another blog for the class, in the sidebar of the class wiki, or they might even follow the class Twitter if they are Twitter users themselves.

In any case, I really like the fact that on #MuseumSelfie Day, I can share fun pictures with my students, bringing both art and fun into their online course experience. 🙂

I’ve been thinking that to contribute to the ongoing Canvas training efforts that are happening on my campus, I’d like to create a totally asynchronous, come-and-go-whenever Canvas course on using Twitter with a special focus on how you can use Twitter in Canvas. The power of Twitter widgets is mighty!

Crossposted at OU Canvas Community.