Widget Warehouse Update

I had a great day working on the Widget Warehouse Canvas space! I was motivated to focus on that this weekend because of the Canvas Writing-Enhanced-Curriculum Workshop on Monday and Tuesday, which seems like a great opportunity to connect with other faculty at my school (such online opportunities are few and far between in the very face-to-face world that is my school). Are you an OU faculty member or graduate student instructor? Come play! Online Mini Course: Writing Enriched Curriculum.

Here’s a quick overview of the things I got done:

Set up navigation bar. I used the (awful) “Redirect Tool” to add some useful links to the navigation bar in the course. There’s a link there now to this blog, plus the internal navigation I need.

Created a Widget Catalog. I will update this Catalog page as I add new widgets. And there are now five, count ’em, five widgets in there, all with Canvas-friendly https iframe options.

Added new widgets. Now in addition to the Growth Mindset Cats., there are widgets on WritingReadingTime, and the H.E.A.R.T. topics.

Built an omni-randomizer. On both the Homepage and the Catalog page, there is now an omni-randomizer which shows items from all five widgets at random. It’s easy to update, too!

I’m especially excited about the Writers and Writing widget ready to go. If I have time tonight, I’ll also do a punctuation humor widget… because you can never have too much humor when it comes to English punctuation. 🙂

Crossposted at OU Canvas Community.