Blog Index / February 18, 2017

In all the busy-ness of the past couple of weeks, I forgot to do an Index post last week. And now… I am indexing not just this blog, but also my Twitter4Canvas blog and CanvasLIVE Playground blogs. I am clearly having too much fun with this! 🙂

The posts new to this index are marked in bold, and there are also “latest posts” from all three blogs in the sidebar.


CanvasLive: Growth Mindset / Feedback Cats

Twitter4Canvas Mini-Course

Widgets and Other Dynamic Content

Spring 2017 Reports

Openness, Sharing, and Connectedness

Canvas Class Announcements

Blogs and Blogging

Thoughts about Canvas and about LMSes

Posts about Students

Posts about Instructors

Teaching Writing

Some Practical Canvas Advice

Grading with Canvas

And here is one of the growth mindset cats from this week:

Don’t stop! Just keep going!