Blog Index / March 4, 2017

I didn’t do a blog index last weekend (it was my birthday, whoo-hoo), but here’s an updated index with the new posts in bold that I’ve added since the last index.

I’ve also been crossposting in different areas of Canvas since I finally figured out that the totally private University of Oklahoma area is not visible in any way to the rest of the Community. I’m glad I finally figured that out; maybe someday the OU Community will come to life, but now I know I need to put my attention elsewhere; contributions to a totally private group like that unfortunately don’t benefit the larger Community in any way.

So, here is a complete blog index, and over at Canvas, I’ll just post a list of the latest posts:

CanvasLIVE: Possible Topics

Canvas Class Announcements

Grading and Going Gradeless

Widgets and Other Dynamic Content

Posts about Students and Student Voices

Posts about Faculty and Faculty Voices

Thoughts about Canvas and about LMSes

CanvasLive: Growth Mindset / Feedback Cats

Twitter4Canvas Mini-Course

Spring 2017 Reports

Openness, Sharing, and Connectedness

Blogs and Blogging

Teaching Writing

Some Practical Canvas Advice

And here is one of this week’s Growth Mindset Cats:

Take some time to reflect.